About me

My name is Jeronimo, I am now 41 and to be perfectly honest I still don’t now what I want to be in life!

I used to know that! And with all the assuredness of youth. I actually became some of the things I wanted / expected throughout the years, but now, if I stop and think about it I’m not so sure anymore… Nothing wrong with that though, and according to a certain Baz Luhrmann’s song that should even make me a very interesting person… Humm, nice!

My life gravitates basically between three continents: Europe (where I was born), Africa (where I live and work most of the time) and Asia where I frequently find myself.

I am married and very happy about it.

I am not a native english speaker, but english is the lingua franca in my house, and still is the simplest way of communicating between people of different regions/nations so it makes sense to use it here.

I’m not trying to promote myself or any product(s) so, for now, I’ll leave my info as is. I’ll probably add some more in the future.

Thanks for coming to visit!

9 thoughts on “About me

  1. GOOD GOOD GOOD~~!! My brother in low.
    You’ve really done the good job of this…
    And im looking forward to see the more ur life stuff on ur blog!!

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