Finally Back to Posting… And IWC to begin with!

With apologies to my readers…

Things got really complicated in the past few months and my availability to write was next to none. I will try to catch up…!


I’m very keen to share my impressions on the IWC Aquatimer Chrono 376703, but since this is an announcement post I will just share a few photos of it as a teaser and will afterwards publish a post dedicated uniquely to the watch itself.


Throughout the years IWC has been presenting us with several different series and variations on their Aquatimer… I personally like them all. From the very discreet ones like the 3536 or the Vintage Collection (based on the original from 1967) to the more colorful like this here 376703 I can’t seem to find much fault in any of them.


Coming out of the box…


Some people find this latest (from 2009) series of the Aquatimer a bit “over the top” and I even heard it called “cartoonish”… I beg to disagree… Intensely.

It’s obviously not a watch for everyone nor a watch for every occasion, but that cannot be used against it – quite the opposite. It’s a diver’s watch, perfectly adapted to its “tool” function and that can also be worn on a day to day basis. It won’t fit very nicely with a tuxedo or a dinner jacket but that’s why we have “dress watches” …


Here pictured with the “brother” Aquatimer 2000 ref. 3568.


The Aquatimer Chrono is very well built and it just exudes quality, no matter how you look at it and it has a presence all of its own.

More to come on this subject, soon…

Furthermore I am preparing a post on the IWC Pilot Mark XVII:


Probably my favorite watch at the moment…

And not to be called to biased towards IWC – which I admit is my favorite brand – I intend to post my thoughts on several different watches that I find curious or worth of notice as such:


The Clerc CXX Scuba 250 Limited Edition…


The elusive Rado Sintra Skeleton COSC….


The Momo Design Pilot XL GMT…


The Meccaniche Veloci Rally…


The Alpina Sailing Extreme 40 Limited Edition…


And a quite funny Shanghai Tang.

On a totally different note I wish to make a post on african wildlife, with particular focus on the rapidly dwindling population of Rhinoceros… An issue that should concern all of us.


So much to do, so little time…!