About… iPhone 5

Hi Everyone!

My lovely Mother-in-law just returned from the Far East and brought a couple of “visitors” for yours truly and my better half… Here’s one:

Opening the box…

Inside the box

The new “ear pods”

We were a bit taken aback because we knew that now we would need a Nano SIM card, and there’s no way to get it where we live, and there won’t be for quite a while. So, I decided to go “Macgiver” on my Micro SIM (that I previously made from a normal Plug in SIM to fit on my first iPhone 4). I checked here first and then I went here to make sure of the exact measurements and got myself busy with some very sharp scissors and a ruler…

Success! If you are, by any chance, planning to do the same be warned that you’ll have to cut around the metal chip part carefully, and keep the two lines in the middle perfectly centered. If you do, as I did, than it should work! If you live anywhere where they can get you a Nano SIM, be smart, go change your card and save yourself the trouble… The nano card is apparently thinner, but, from my experience, if you cut the Micro SIM exactly you’ll be able to fit it in without too much trouble.

Oh wait, here comes the other one…

In the undying words of Sir David Attenborough – “Let’s have a look…”

It’s curious to note that despite the fact that the iPhone 5 looks at first glance very similar to the iPhone 4/4s when you put them side by side you can really see the differences.

The screen is much larger…

The speakers are also bigger, and the connector as you can see in the center, isn’t the usual 30 pin but instead something totally new and much smaller called “lightning”.

Generally it still has the same premium feel as the previous ones, and the fact that instead of a glass back you now have aluminum doesn’t spoil its charm (as I feared), and the reduction in thickness and weight is truly remarkable.

The now matte black finish on the case side is very elegant, as is the “diamond cut” of all the corners.

Regarding the cameras things are only slightly different, the back camera is 8 MegaPixel and the front one is 1.2 MegaPixel.

The screen is really very nice…

And it woks great, even when outdoors in the sunlight.

From the little time I had to try it, the camera looks sharp and efficient…

As the following two examples demonstrate:

The new chip A6 is supposed to be much faster and I believe it will be.

In conclusion, the iPhone 5 is another beautifully made Apple product, it appeals to your senses and yes, it is, in a way, like all the previous iPhones and in another significantly better. As we are used to by the company from Cupertino – evolution in continuity…

Hope you enjoyed!